How does all this work?
As a host, you provide the prizes for the casino (1-10). Once the casino opens we start your guests out with $200-$500 in casino chips and they play the night away.
How much Equipment do I need?
If the casino is the main/only form of entertainment for your event, you will want to have enough gaming seats for 40-50% of your guests. If you have two forms of entertainment you will want 25-40%.
Do we provide our own dealers?
That is your choice. Most people hire our professional dealers, but you can use your volunteers/friends, or both. Our dealers are hired for a minimum of 3 hours.
How long should we run our casino party?
Three hours is just about right.
How are your dealers dressed?
Our dealers wear black slacks, tuxedo shirt, vest, and bow tie. We look quite elegant!
Do you use "cheesy", plastic chips?
Of course not! Our chips are the 11.5 gram suited clay composite type used in Vegas.
Are casino parties a good fundraiser?
They’re incredible. You can structure them several ways. The most popular usually works like this: Your guests buy an admission ticket and receive a set amount of play money that they use to purchase poker chips. They play the night away. The place goes wild as the money pours into your coffers.